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ESTÉTICA TORTA is a small and independent publisher house in Brazil, and we release books about music, movies, art and pop culture. We start out our business operation at February of 2020, right in the beginning of covid-19 pandemic. Despite the hostile environment to new businesses, we are making customers happy with our great releases. The love we have for the titles that we edit and the respect we have for the fans & readers are the most important thing to ESTÉTICA TORTA, whose motto is to make sure people will get the absolute highest print quality in their products. We want to offer the best titles and to promote the book market.



ESTÉTICA (English: AESTHETIC) is the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of beauty and taste, as well as subjective and sensori-emotional values, and the sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste. It is one the most excited fields at Philosohy. TORTA (English: AWRY) is something bent, wrong, out of square. The name ESTÉTICA TORTA (English: AWRY AESTHETIC) stands for our attempt to provide out of standard culture and literature. We are not here to release best sellers. Most of our titles have small print runs and once they are gone, they are gone.


Any doubts, please wright us at: contato@esteticatorta.com.br ou WhatsApp us at: +55 11 944-849-934.



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